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According to the National Women’s Law Center, “[b]ased on today’s wage gap, women would lose $418,800 over the course of a 40-year career. For Latinas the career losses mount to $1,043,800, and for Black women the losses are $840,040.”

Sosa-Morris Neuman Attorneys at Law recently filed a lawsuit against TGE Industrial Services, LLC for violation of the Equal Pay Act. The lawsuit alleges that a female pipefitter was paid $2 less per hour than her male counterparts. The lawsuit also alleges that TGE Industrial Services, LLC terminated the female pipefitter for raising concerns regarding equal pay for equal work. Sosa-Morris Neuman Attorneys at Law are dedicated to vindicating the workplace rights of women. You can read the lawsuit by clicking the link below. #equalpayday #femaleworkplacerights #equalpayforequalwork #sosamorrisneuman

Sosa-Morris Neuman Attorneys at Law have filed a nationwide collective action in Federal Court on behalf of a Bayhost who claims that TopGolf failed to pay her wages in accordance with Federal Wage and Hour Laws. The Bayhost claims that TopGolf did not comply with the strict requirements imposed on employers who utilize the tip credit privilege. To read more about the lawsuit or if you worked at TopGolf and would like to make a claim, click on the link below.

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