Slip and Falls

Injured in a slip and fall accident?  Contact Sosa-Morris Neuman Attorneys at Law to assist you in recovering what you are entitled to under the law. 

Slip and falls are caused by a negligent condition on the property.   For example, if a grocery store sprays a substance on its plants and negligently allows the substance to fall and remain on the floor causing a customer to fall, then that grocery store will be held liable for the slip and fall under premise liability laws.   In a premise liability case, the landowner (shop owner) has a duty to the invitee (customer) to exercise ordinary care and inspect and make safe any dangerous conditions or to give adequate warning.  A landowner must warn or make safe any condition posing an unreasonable risk of which the landowner has actual or constructive knowledge. 

Victims of a slip and fall can recover:


Past Medical Bills


Future Medical Bills


Out of Pocket Expenses


Lost Wages


Pain and Suffering


Loss of consortium or companionship

Claims for personal injury must be brought within TWO years.  However, you should contact the Attorneys at Sosa-Morris Neuman as soon as your accident happens so that they can communicate with the adjuster or file a lawsuit on your behalf.  Again, the adjuster’s job is to save the insurance company money.  Therefore, do not communicate with the adjuster or sign any documents waiving your rights without legal representation.  All consultations at Sosa-Morris Neuman Attorneys at Law are free.  We do not charge you anything unless we WIN.

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